Christian camping pros are not just “in” when it’s convenient. When they’re rested. When things are going well. They are all in, all the time. As a movement we are all in—ready for what God has prepared in advance for us to do. So, in Nashville we are going to celebrate and declare it to one another and to God.

Nov. 29—Dec. 2, 2016

Nashville, Tenn.

program-allinClick here for the All In!—2016 CCCA National Conference program.

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Laura Edwards, Camp Dixie
“Everybody needs a chance to step back from their personal ministry, to enjoy some time away, to receive excellent training and spiritual encouragement, and to meet others who are working hard in the world of Christian camping. The National Conference is a great opportunity to do all of that and so much more!”

Ken Beebe, Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center
“The National Conference provides a great boost to me…I always come home energized by my connections with other camp directors from around the country who are engaging in similar work to me. The workshops invariably provide me with insights about how I can improve the effectiveness of my camp ministry.”

Jenna Reycraft, Camp Shamineau
“It is an excellent way to connect with others in camping, get refreshed and be reminded of why we do what we do.”

Stan Coker, Cumberland Youth Camp
“This is the best single investment you can make in your own spiritual health, networking with peers and growing in your knowledge base related to camp ministry at the same time.”